Portrait Dr. Roxane Kettenbeil


Dr. Roxane Kettenbeil

German Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney,
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Working in the field of intellectual property rights since 2008

University: Goethe University Frankfurt / Philipps University Marburg

Practical Experience: General molecular biology and genetics, histology, developmental biology, electron microscopy, time-lapse microscopy, immunoassays, in situ techniques, RNA technique, cell culture, research on myogenesis in Drosophila and in mouse models

Technical Fields: General mechanics, injection molding, plastics processing, hardware technology, closure technology, automotive engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology, medical technology, electrochemistry, biochemistry, sensor technology, textile technology

Memberships: FICPI

“My favorite question since childhood has been “How does it work?”. I have always been equally fascinated by nature and technology, and above all: books and stories about all the wonders the world has in store for discovery. With my profession as a patent attorney, I have been able to combine both in an ideal way. I particularly enjoy being able to accompany new and innovative products and ideas from the first idea to market maturity and beyond.

In my free time, everything revolves around the common thread, be it as a photographer, in drawing or in creative writing, in pictures, books or short stories. I find inspiration for this outside in nature at the North Sea and Baltic Sea and at home at the spinning wheel.”

Areas of Expertise