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Strategic Approach

Our strategy: Protect the New!

In order to protect new ideas, inventions, innovations and brands, you need to understand markets, strategy development and tactics.

If you offer a characteristic product, a special service, a unique brand, or a particular expertise of your employees, our attorneys will help you transform these assets into value that will enhance your reputation and lead to an outstanding market position.

The intention to protect intellectual property often occurs as a consequence to a successful development process. However, if your aim is to achieve more than a “collection” of individual industrial property rights, you need to act systematically and create reliable structures. We examine all possibilities. This kind of precision work is one of our strengths.

Together with our clients we develop these customized strategies in order to achieve the best possible protection and defense of your intellectual property rights. For that we utilize all available tools of patent law, utility model law, trade mark law, design law, licensing contracts and of course employee invention law before both national and international administrative authorities and courts.

We understand the importance of closely listening to the inventor – who may often see things a little differently from us – and understanding and trusting their idea. We then help you to place this idea into an economic and regulatory context and come up with a solution to develop it. The rest you can leave with us.