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Only a few machine components have such a diverse range of applications as the sprocket. Sprockets are practically indispensable not only in precision mechanics, but also in special purpose and heavy-duty machine manufacture, and are the subject of new developments even today. Patents and utility models relevant to mechanical engineering have existed since the early days of industrial property protection. Since then, mechanical engineering has changed, particularly due to influences from other technical fields such as electronics and computer science, where new fields of application have opened up. But the growing challenges are not the only source of new patentable solutions. Instead, it is the classic disciplines of mechanical engineering, such as construction and mechanics, where the possibilities are still far from exhausted. One example of a newer, interdisciplinary development is laser sensors, which make “sensitive” machine tools possible. These sensor structures can also be positioned in areas of the machine tool that are difficult to access and where the placement of conventional sensors would not be possible.

Developments in mechanical engineering are often based on everyday problems. Improvements in the fine detail can also result in something completely new, which could be used to enhance production processes or product characteristics and thus offering a distinct advantage.

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