Portrait Philipp Etz

Engineer for Material and Product Development (B.Eng.)
Industrial Engineering and Management (M.Sc.)

Philipp Etz

German Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney,
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Working in the field of intellectual property rights since 2012

University: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences / Technische Universität Dresden

Practical Experience: Mechanical engineering, biomechanics

Technical Fields: Injection molding, automotive engineering, materials engineering, biomechanics, general mechanics, production engineering, medical technology

Memberships: FICPI

“Since the days of my first camera, I have been fascinated by the possibility of preserving moods and emotions in photographs. It’s sometimes the screeching colors when events hot up. But sometimes it’s also the quiet black and white tones when colors are too gossipy. Especially if a photo is well made technically, it can become a living memory. However, the magic of every moment only exists once, because authenticity cannot be repeated. Preparation, accuracy, attention and anticipation help me to find the decisive nuances. Sometimes one has to take a different perspective. These aspects apply equally to me as a photographer at a wedding and as a patent attorney in the interest of a client.”

Areas of Expertise