Portrait Jürgen Buchhold


Jürgen Buchhold


German Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney,
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Working in the field of intellectual property rights since 1993

University: Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Practical Experience: Development of ion beam sources for use in coating systems; mass spectroscopy; development work in the field of microsystems technology, thin-film technology and sensors

Technical Fields: Physics, injection molding, plastics processing, coating technology, locking technology, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, laser technology, nanotechnology, general mechanics

Memberships: GRUR, FICPI, VDI, Chair of FICPI CET 2 Designs

Social Commitment: Deutscher Kinderschutzbund

“Conception, design and construction. These are passions that have never left me and they still help me in understanding technical concepts today. Metal construction sets are a particularly good challenge, and which even in today’s age of Minecraft and apps have lost none of their ability to fascinate. Each construction demands creativity and technical understanding, whether built according to instructions or using one’s own imagination. And even when the latest project is just beginning, the end result starts to take form after only a few steps. You just need a little time and patience…”

Areas of Expertise