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On, off or stand-by. In the field of electrical engineering, many functions can be integrated in a single component.

Electrical engineering had its beginnings back in the 17th century. However, it was only at the end of the 18th century that trailblazing inventions, such as the generator by Werner von Siemens or the light bulb by Thomas A. Edison, began moving into the public sphere, where they are nowadays indispensable.
Electrical engineering consists of many innovative areas. One of these is energy technology, which, due to Germany’s process of phasing out nuclear energy and the increasing spread of renewable energy, has currently seen an increase in public awareness. Another innovative area is electronics, which, due to advances in miniaturization, is making its way into many products, enhancing their performance while reducing their size. But also drive technology, communications technology and automation technology, all belonging to the wider field of electrical engineering, are far from complete in their development.

Developments in electrical engineering are spurred on by ever-changing legal requirements and the demand for ever-greater efficiency with growing pressure to reduce costs. In this context, innovations in electrical engineering generally have enormous potential due to their wide range of applications.

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