M.Sc. Life Sciences

Julia Kamping

German Patent Attorney

Working in the field of intellectual property rights since 2020

University: University Münster

Practical Experience: Research in the field of human biology in the area of haematopoietic stem cells and leukaemia as well as myelin pathology in relation to multiple sclerosis, protein biochemistry, primary cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, retroviral gene transduction, immunocytochemistry, mutagenesis

Technical Fields: Biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, cytodiagnostics, medical technology, biochemistry, microbiology

Memberships: FICPI

In the course of my professional career, I have always been accompanied by curiosity and an interest in getting to the bottom of things, be it in relation to physiological processes or technical refinements. As a patent attorney, I enjoy being able to deal with new and complex challenges and innovations. In my free time, I enjoy recharging my batteries on walks with my family and dog.“ 

Areas of Expertise