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Even today a crucible containing liquid metal has lost none of its fascination. This may primarily result from the attraction of fire, as being a force of nature almost seeming to be not of this world.

Today, foundry technology is used in many different areas ranging from tempered steel to light metal materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemically bonded and clay-bonded moulding materials, materials recycling and emissions. As a result, foundry technology is still a modern and efficient manufacturing method and of fundamental importance to many industrial sectors producing metal and nonmetal work pieces.

An additional innovative forming process is injection moulding, which enables the manufacture of large quantities of directly usable formed parts weighing from a few grams to several kilos. Thermoplastic as well as thermosetting plastics are processed, as well as elastomers, plastics with natural fibers and composite or powder materials.

Deep-rooted transformations are taking place in the metallurgical cast industry. This is due to structural changes in the customer sector, increasing competitive pressure from foreign cast suppliers as well as growing pressure to reduce local costs. That is why foundries and mouldmakers who want to further improve their market position despite their own difficult economic situation must remain innovative.
In injection moulding technology, innovations are demanded in order to process new materials as well as to provide articles with complicated geometries. At the same time, the higher requirements for tool assembly in terms of shorter production cycles and longer service lives must also be met.

But new developments are like tender plants: in this harsh market environment, they require an atmosphere that protects them.

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